As my fellow classmates and I are finishing up our final papers of this grueling Winter Quarter, professors are wrapping up their lessons and reviewing students’ work, STM staff and volunteers are settling back in their normal schedules after the annual Search for Meaning Book Festival, I find myself drawn to this month’s theme of Embrace.

As a relatively new preacher, one of my first thoughts when I encounter a theme like this is to whip out my thesaurus and explore all the ways I can come at this notion of Embrace. Hug, hold, encircle, squeeze, cuddle, accept, contain, include, welcome, adopt, encompass… Are these not all ways that we talk about the embrace of Divine Love? Do we not talk about God holding us, communities welcoming us, Love encompassing us?

Perhaps my favorite synonym for embrace, as I whittle my thoughts down through my sermon-producing funnel, is enfold. I believe that we are surrounded and enclosed completely by the warm blanket of Divine Love. Right where we are, right now, in all our fears and questions, our skills and our growing edges, our actions and our inactions, we are enveloped by Love that holds and cuddles and adopts, Love that affirms and empowers and inspires, Love that wraps around and bursts forth through us.

So as we embrace one another, in sharing a sign of peace, a hug of comfort, a knowing look, a kind word, let us remember that the embrace of Divine Love extends through each of us, out through our fingertips, out through our breath…
May each of us live into this call of embrace.

Crystal Zerfoss

STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for Elodia Gonzalez and Tim Greer, students.

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