A Blessing Before a Meal

God of many names, Spirit of Life, Ground of our Being,

We are grateful for all things that have brought us to this moment:

For the sun and rain that nourishes all of creation and the bees and butterflies that, through their dances, make fruits and vegetables grow;

For the hands from many nations that cared for, harvested, transported, and prepared our food;

For our grandmothers and grandfathers who dreamed, prophesied, and labored for our world and its boundless opportunities;

For our dreams, prophecies, and labors for our grandchildren’s world in which all people can search for justice, opportunity, and meaning throughout their lives;

And for this time we have before us to sit and to be together, for food and conversation that nourishes our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We are grateful.

Sarah Turner

STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for the African Methodist Episcopal Church, their communities and students in our midst, and for Spencer Barrett, their representative to STM; Vicki Farley and Derek Farmer, students.

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