Wild Deer

الا ای آهوی وحشی کجایی

Where are you O Wild Deer?
I have known you for a while, here.
Both loners, both lost, both forsaken
The wild beast, for ambush, have all waken
Let us inquire of each other’s state
If we can, each other’s wishes consummate
I can see this chaotic field
Joy and peace sometimes won’t yield
O friends, tell me who braves the danger
To befriend the forsaken, behold the stranger
Unless blessed Elias may come one day
And with his good office open the way
It is time to cultivate love
Individually decreed from above
Thus I remember the wise old man
Forgetting such a one, I never can
That one day, a seeker in a land
A wise one helped him understand
Seeker, what do you keep in your bag
Set up a trap, if bait you drag
In reply said I keep a snare
But for the phoenix I shall dare
Asked how will you find its sign
We can’t help you with your design
Like the spruce become so wise
Rise to the heights, open your eyes
Don’t lose sight of the rose and wine
But beware of your fate’s design
At the fountainhead, by the riverside
Shed some tears, in your heart confide
This instrument won’t tune to my needs
The generous sun, our wants exceeds
In memory of friends bygone
With spring showers hide the golden sun
With such cruelty cleaved with a sword
As if with friendship was in full discord
When flows forth the crying river
With your own tears help it deliver
My old companion was so unkind
O Pious Men, keep God in mind
Unless blessed Elias may come one day
Help one loner to another make way
Look at the gem and let go of the stone
Do it in a way that keeps you unknown
As my hand moves the pen to write
Ask the main writer to shed His light
I entwined mind and soul indeed
Then planted the resulting seed
In this marriage the outcome is joy
Beauty and soulfulness employ
With hope’s fragrant perfume
Let eternal soul rapture assume
This perfume comes from angel’s sides
Not from the doe whom men derides
Friends, to friends’ worth be smart
When obvious, don’t read it by heart
This is the end of tales of advice
Lie in ambush, fate’s cunning and vice.


STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for the Mennonite Church, their communities and students in our midst, and for Marilyn Stahl, Outreach Team chair; Steve Childress, Graduate Assistant; Edward Donalson and Celina Dzilenski, students.

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