John 4:31- 34 Food, Nourishment & God’s Will

In John 4:31-34, Jesus was urged by his disciples to eat some food. They felt he needed some food because it had been a while since he had eaten. Jesus responded that he had food available to him that they did not know about. He told them, “my nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent me and from finishing his work.” This “work” was to spread the news to people about his Father’s love and of the joy and everlasting life that people could have if they knew of this love in a personal way.

Yes, Jesus needed the same type of nourishment in traditional food just as we do today. But He knew that His more meaningful nourishment came from doing what He came to earth to do… to bear all of our sins… past, present and future… so that we might have everlasting life when we die and so that we might have a more abundant/full life while we are here, being filled with His love.

As I read these verses, it causes me to reflect on what “nourishment” I need. True, I need carbohydrates, proteins and fats to fuel and nourish my body. I need to consume a healthy diet of foods so that I have the energy to function. I need the correct nutrients for my mind to work properly. When I run, I rely on a certain amount of glucose floating around in my blood to fuel my muscles. But these are for physical functions. What does my spirit need to perform the spiritual functions God would have for me?

Deep in my spirit I believe I am called to share the ‘Good News’ of who Jesus is and about the love of God with others. As my heart is set on this and I am in this mode, I am nourished in a way that I cannot be by eating even the healthiest of foods. As Psalm 81:20 reads, “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.” God is telling the Psalmist, and me(and us), that if I open my spirit to Him that He will fill me with good things deep in my inner most being. Well, I think that God placed in me a deep desire to share with others about His love. To tell others about His goodness. To provide hope to others. And when I do this, deep in my spirit, I am nourished.

So my questions to you are…. what type of nourishment do you need? How is your spirit nourished or fueled? Are there other scriptures that speak to you on this topic?

Dale Fletcher, M.S.

STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for the Systemic Treatment of Addiction and Abuse class taught by William James, Simone Winston, staff; Susan Tuller and Sarah Turner, students.

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