Reflections on Unity

We ALL live and have our being, together, in both space and time; this is holy!
We all need the same resources for our basic human survival.
And thankfully, those resources are available, present in totality, on this one blue planet.
Ultimately, our survival and the ability to thrive demands that we live in delicate balance with the earth, and with one another.
Unity, or rather living in harmony, is a simple sacred necessity for life with others on earth.

Yet there is one thing that threatens this simple necessity: the reality of difference and our response to those differences.
As I reflect on unity, I wonder what life would be like if everyone was an exact copy of everyone else.
Can you imagine every thought, every word, every action and reaction exactly the same?
Would each person experience life as an incredibly lonely existence?
Would it be redundant to have more than one of those humans?

In response to difference and driven by emotions of surprise, wonder or fear; the activities of ordering, separating, and judging usually follow.
Yet, in ordering, separating, and judging, human beings make critical and life threatening decisions, which determine who will have access, priority, privilege, and power.
Unfortunately, history teaches us that whole groups of human beings have been judged worthless, stripped of access to resources, and rendered powerless.
That is anathema!

We remain one human, with one basic need to survive and thrive, in harmony with one another and with this one earth.
Let us interrogate how we deal with the reality of difference.
Let us use the collective wisdom we have inherited, to chart new paths to reconciliation.
Our very lives and the earth that sustains us depend upon it.
Unity demands not only our reflections but also our sacred actions; this is holy!

Trina L. Banks

STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for the Theology in an Ecumenical Theology class taught by Michael Trice; Daniel Kelley-Petersen, staff; Joseph Ward and Marci Weis, students.

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