On Embracing Unity

When the Infinite culminates
It becomes the Absolute;
Circulation of the Absolute’s subtlety
Begins in the One.

The One divided into two,
Producing yin and yang;
Myriad species, heaven, earth, humans,
All emerge from here.

Originally the true One
Is utterly open, aware;
There is no change
Throughout all time.

But due to becoming substance,
Spirit emanates cognition,
Differentiating circumstances
Into good and bad.

Following feelings pursuing illusions
Increases suffering;
Fragrance, flavor, form, and sound —
All dazzle and confuse.

If you can truly find
The root source in the One,
You return to the origin,
Go back to the fundamental,
Without wasting effort.

Yin and yang commune in concentration;
Their combinations are gotten in nothingness.
The three bases and eight trigrams join in the will;
The four signs and five forces return to utter quiescence.
Suddenly bursting forth through the top of the head,
A brilliant gold light fills the spiritual room.

The valley of open nonreification
Is spontaneously cleared;
The door of the mysterious female
Opens and closes itself.

The wonder of the return of the celestial
Can never be exhausted;
The four qualities of creativity
Never ever cease.

Extending the energy
and stabilizing the spirit
In deep abstraction
Going from being into nonbeing
In a state of ecstasy,
What is the ruler within?
It is the original purpose
Of arriving at one’s aim.

translated by Thomas Cleary
The Book of Balance and Harmony: A Taoist Handbook

STM Cycle of Prayer

We pray today for the Clinical 2 class taught by Christie Eppler; Hannah Hunthausen, staff; Edie Weller and Mary Whitacre, students.

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