This morning, one of our Muslim Transformational Leadership students, Qasim, shared prayers in a special gathering with faculty, staff and students. Below are the words shared.

At Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry, we are committed to deepening in our own traditions while honoring and learning from the traditions of others–working together for a better world.

Special Morning Prayer

§ The Prayer of Prophet Moses (Musa) (Qur’an 20:25-28; Chapter Taha [Surat Taha])

Oh my Lord!  Open my chest [i.e. remove fear from it, or fill it with Your light]. 

And ease my task for me.

Remove the impediment from my speech

so that they may understand what I say.

§ The Prayer of Prophet Jesus (Isa) (Qur’an 5:114; Chapter The Table Spread [Surat Al-Ma’idah])

Said Jesus, the Son of Mary,

“O God, our Lord, send down to us a table [spread with food] from the heaven

to be for us a festival for the first of us and the last of us and a sign from You.

And provide for us, and You are the best of providers.”

§ The Prayer of Prophet Muhammad (Hadith/Statements)

He ended every prayer (salat) with al-Salaamu Alaykum (Peace be upon you), and then recited the following:

O God, You are Peace,

and peace emanates from You and to You peace returns;

so greet us, Lord, with peace, and admit us by Your Mercy,

into Your House, the Abode of Peace (by the religion of peace).

Blessed are You, my Lord, O Possessor of Majesty and Honor.

O God, none can prevent what You have bestowed,

and no wealth can benefit anyone against You.

O God, assist us in remembrance of You,

having gratitude towards You and excellence in Your worship.

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