From Dr. Mark L. Taylor, posting live from South Korea:

“Just experienced opening worship at the World Council of Churches General Assembly in Busan, South Korea.  Early warning, Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry folk, I’ll be bringing lots of resources back with me.

Highlights of opening worship:

  • Hearing the Emmaus road story from Luke 24 chanted in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.
  • Meeting a new friend, Kim Okkee, pastor of a Korean PC(USA) congregation in Houston, TX.
  • Homily by the Armenian Patriarch H.H. Karekin II. Based in a deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ and resistant to many of the socially inclusive values we hold around STM. Makes we wonder how we find language to speak of our social justice work and advocacy as love of Jesus?”

~ Dr. Mark Lloyd Taylor

One comment

  1. I for one am excited to see EVERYTHING you bring back! Most especially interested in your reflections on the ways STM can come together to find that common language to advocate for the poor. I’m always struck by how much we are “leaving on the table”!

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