AFTERNOON PRAYER TODAY ~ 4:45 – 5:30 pm – The Chapel of St. Ignatius

Singing the Songs of Faith: Exploring the Diversity of the Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW)

                Guest: Dr. Norma Aamodt-Nelson

Come and join us as we sing some of the wonderful, new hymns of faith  found in this ecumenical worship resource. We will be led in this exploration by Dr. Aamodt Nelson, one of the people responsible for assembling this collection of hymns and songs. Jan Cherry, diaconal Minister and Ecumenical Liturgical Coordinator for the School of Theology and Ministry will join her is this pursuit.

As leaders of worshipping communities, you will often be called upon to choose hymns. What are some of the things you must consider?  What resources do hymnals offer to help you in this task?  We will explore some of the answers to those questions while also singing some of the newer songs found in the ELW.

Plan now to join us!

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