Catherine of Siena, Teacher, 1380

Hands_SX1123793_29035032Catherine was born in Siena probably in 1347, the twenty-third and last child in the large, devout Benincasa family.  She was a forerunner of those women of later centuries who were to find their fulfillment not in marriage but in a professional career of service. These words of hers are worth pondering:

“Do you think that our Lord would be pleased with us if we left works of mercy undone because our neighbor is unthankful?”

Morning Psalms: Psalm 97; 145
Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 32:1–15;  Colossians 3:18–4:18;  Luke 7:36–50
STM Prayer Cycle: The United Methodist Church, their students among us and Lara Bolger, their liturgical consultant; Theology and Practice of Worship Class taught by William Seth Adams; Kristin Hovaguimian, staff; Tandi Rogers, student

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