The Week Begins


      Each year the World Council of Churches prepares daily reflections that further illuminate the overall theme for the year’s observance. They include specific scriptures for the day as well as a short commentary on the texts, a prayer and several questions for reflection. Each day of the week, beginning today, we will post on this blog, the theme, prayer and questions prepared by the group in India along with a reflection on the day’s theme by members of the School of Theology and Ministry community, the Archdiocese of Seattle and The Church Council of Seattle, the three sponsors of the countywide liturgy which we will hold on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. We invite you to take some time each day to reflect with people around the world on these themes.
      Over the coming eight days we are invited to think more deeply about how we are called to walk together into the unity that Christ has already accomplished among us. We will think about what it means to walk in solidarity, towards freedom, beyond barriers, and in conversation, among other topics. We encourage you to look for opportunities to reflect with others on these themes, and to make some commitment to carry out in your own lives as a result of your reflections.
      May our journey through these eight days be meaningful and our experience of Christian Unity be strengthened as we continue to Walk Together & with God.

Jan Cherry, Diaconal Minister
Ecumenical Liturgical Coordinator
Seattle University, School of Theology

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